All Oar Nothing consists of four best childhood friends from Devon, South-West England. Despite now living in London, Sydney and Singapore, their home county will act as HQ for training camps over the next two years. With rowing experience limited, they are training like their lives depend on it, because, well... 



Age: 29 

Height: 186cm 

Weight: 95kg

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hometown: Dawlish, Devon

Raising funds for: Onesight, to help the one in seven people on Earth that lack access to vision care.

Rowing experience: None.

Endurance experience: 2 x full Ironman finisher and 3 x ultramarathon finisher.

Best sporting moment: Becoming part of the GB Juniors Water Polo squad.

Worst sporting moment: Having to stop playing Water Polo, a game that had dominated my life for 15 years, due to concerns of how it was effecting eyesight.

Biggest fear for the row: How to go to the toilet in a rowing boat.

Reason for the row: Has been a goal for over 10 years and an amazing platform to raise awareness and funds a cause that means a lot to me.

Most missed item at sea will be: Concept2 rowing machine.

Instagram: @lmatthews89

tom whittle


Name: Age: 29

Height: 178cm

Weight: 78kg

Location: London, England 

Hometown: Teignmouth, Devon

Raising funds for: Kidney Cancer UK to support my Dad’s ongoing battle with Kidney Cancer.

Rowing experience: None.

Endurance experience: 12,500km bike ride, 700km run and world’s toughest Ironman.

Best sporting moment: Completing 17 marathons in 10 days under the northern lights in Iceland. 

Worst sporting moment: Spending days on a hospital drip half way through cycling across Bolivia. 

Biggest fear for the row: Having to row for the entirety of my 30th birthday. 

Reason for the row: To keep raising funds for Kidney Cancer UK and to find new limits. 

Most missed item at sea will be: A sofa and a hot cuppa tea.

Instagram: @tomjwhittle

charlie medwin


Age: 28

Height: 183cm

Weight: 88kg

Location: London, England 

Hometown: Shaldon, Devon

Raising funds for: EHE Rare Cancer Charity, to support my younger brother's battle with the disease. 

Rowing experience: Two years' experience racing in the UK. 

Endurance experience: Completed 100km & 250km endurance rows plus various winter rowing camps.

Best sporting moment: Going past the 250km marker during a 24hr indoor row.

Worst moment: Withdrawing my application to the Army after graduation due to reoccurring IT band syndrome. 

Biggest fear for the row: Missing the compulsory 1-mile finish line after 3000 miles of rowing.

Reason for the row: Ticking off the bucket list item of completing one of the world's toughest challenges whilst raising money for a charity that has helped my brother through a much greater challenge in life. 

Most missed item at sea will be: Friends that don’t only talk about triathlons.

Instagram: @crmedwin


chris slack


Age: 29

Height: 173cm

Weight: 77kg

Location: Singapore

Hometown: Newton Abbott, Devon

Raising funds for: Right to Play, giving children living with poverty, conflict and disease the right to play. 

Rowing experience: Tried once and didn’t get out of the harbour. 

Endurance experience: Endurance cyclist, Ironman and ultramarathon runner.

Best sporting moment: Ride 24 – Crossing the finishing line at Smithfield Market in London having finished the 315 mile endurance cycling challenge.

Worst sporting moment: Ironman Western Australia – After six months of training the swim leg was cancelled less than an hour before the race - due to a shark being spotted off the beach.

Biggest fear for the row: That none of us can row, navigate or fix a boat. 

Reason for the row: The opportunity to take part in a life-changing challenge with three of my oldest friends - before we turn 30 - whilst raising money for a life-changing charity.

Most missed item at sea will be: Hot showers.

Instagram: @slacky24